Wild Tales

This Spanish black comedy is an anthology of six stories that are about extreme behaviours driven by rage, revenge or retribution.

Cast – Ricardo Darin, Oscar Martinez, Leonardo Sbaraglia, Erica Rivas, Julieta Zylberberg, Dario Grandinetti, Rita Cortesse

Director / Writer – Damian Szifron


Two passengers flying together are surprised to find a common acquaintance.

A waitress finds herself confronted with a loan shark who had ruined her family.

Two men get embroiled in a road rage like situation.

A man has had enough of the indifferent city administration wrongly fining the citizens.

A father grapples with an accident his son gets embroiled in.

A jewish wedding gone awry as some secrets topple out.


This highly acclaimed and well received film boasts of superfine story telling backed up by controlled writing that maintains a complete command over the tone of the stories.

The stories are absolutely gripping and intriguing. They portray a blend of dark humour, sharp sarcasm and even perversion. They leave you surprised or pondering or amused or chuckling and the last one was literally a laugh riot.

But whatever the emotion that you feel, they could make you think about the extent to which people get driven or  carried away by the intensity of their negative emotions at times.

My favourites were the first and the last one.

This film that has bagged numerous awards is definitely recommended for it is sure to entertain you with its great and gripping storytelling.

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