Barot House (2019)

A dark mystery thriller that revolves around a family that is suddenly confronted with a spate of murders and a chilling murderer on the prowl.

Cast – Amit Sadh, Manjari Fadnavis, Aryan Menghji, Aseem Hattangadi

Director – Bugs Bhargav Krishna

Writer – Sanjeev K Jha


The story opens and we see Amit (Amit) and Bhavna (Manjari) living a happy life with their young kids (a son and three daughters) in a serene little area in Daman. They are devastated when their little daughter is found murdered.

But life has worse in store for them.

Reeling under a spate of shocking killings and fear for his loved ones, Amit has to hide his terrifying doubts about the identity of the killer.


The film’s offbeat story, setting, pace, short duration and the dark mystery makes it a fairly engaging watch. I found the film pretty gripping.

The story picks up pace as soon as the film starts. With its intrigue factor, location setting and the constant foreboding feel, it keeps you hooked and later on, with its shock factor too.

On the flip side, there seem some loopholes and lack of credibility factor in details. At some places, the narrative seems sudden/patchy.

But the overall story and the performances take the minor negatives in its stride.


Would start about performances with the youngest and the best.

Aryan Menghji wows you with his natural and nuanced performance that he delivers with aplomb. The child steals your attention and admiration in every scene. Hope to see more of him.

Amit Sadh plays the shocked, scared and distressed man well.

Manjari Fadnavis is good as the shattered mother.

The film is supposedly based on a real life story but that brings in some controversial aspect as well.

Keeping that and the slight loopholes aside, the film could a good watch for the dark mystery thriller lovers.

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