The Romantics( Netflix Docu Series)

More than a review, these are just gushing thoughts painstakingly condensed to a read-able length.  The Emotions Being the utter romantic and a die hard Yash Chopra fan that I am, I decided to watch this series the day it…

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Engrossing Turkish Tale about Myth and Mystique !

Shahmaran (Turkish Series/ Netflix/ Fantasy Drama ) Shahmaran is a mythical creature, popular in Turkish Folklores, a powerful ‘half snake half woman’, who sacrificed herself for love. It’s a Persian word where in Shah means King and  Maran means snake.…

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Folklore Myths Vs Science Give this Horror an Interesting Tinge

Dahan : Rakan Ka Rahasya (DisneyHotstar/ Horror/ Series) Director- Vikrant Pawar, Jai Sharma  Cast – Tisca Chopra, Saurabh Shukla, Rajesh Tailang, Pankaj Sharma, Rohan Joshi, Lehar Khan, Mukesh Tiwari Plot  IAS Avani (Tisca) seeks a posting to a strife ridden…

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