Previously a hotelier, I now spend my time leisurely divided between home, kids, reading , watching films and writing about them.
I am passionate about cinema, books and travelling.
My indulgences – Films , Fiction and Far Off Places.


Her inherent love for cinema, the instinct to absorb it as an experience and the ability to capture that in words turned her to writing.

She’s a hospitality professional turned film buff turned film critic who has always been passionate about cinema.


She’s an IHM Lucknow alumni and has been a hospitality professional for many years having had a chance to be part of reputed hotels such as Intercontinental & Claridges.

Eventually, instead of full time work responsibilities, she decided to be proactive in her own consultancy firm, Strata Services, that gives her the advantage of indulging and devoting more time towards films and related writing.


  • You can find the most heartfelt, unbiased and honest reviews here.
  • I write as a movie buff than a critic.
  • The reviews are in a simplified format with subdivisions that give you your most sought after details about the film.