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A terrifying thriller and borderline line horror that revolves around the fate of two women who happen to uncover some twisted secrets and end up in ghastly circumstances.

Cast – Kashmira Irani, Swarda Thigle,Tina Bhatia, Boloram Das,Shashi Bhushan, Akshita Arora

Director -Pushkar Sunil Mahabal

Writer -Ankita Narang

Music – Meghdeep Bose

Cinematography – Saee Bhope


Anuja (Kashmira) and Neha (Swarda) are two school teachers, who on census duty, land up in a suspicious looking house in the middle of a deserted area.

Baffled by the bizarre behaviours and conversations of the inhabitants, they leave… but worried about a pregnant woman they had met, they come back to check on her.

What was the shocking truth they uncover ? What does  fate have in store for them?


What enraptures you right from the start is an extremely gripping horror thriller format wonderfully enhanced by the back ground score, cinematography and atmospherics.

A broad idea of the basic storyline makes you dread what’s coming ahead without knowing what it exactly is. The intrigue and the fear factor combined keeps your heart beats racing. With a foreboding feel of the unseen threat, the story maintains a petrifying feel for its major chunk along with an excruciating curiosity.

When the circumstances turn for worse, the viewing gets harsher for the eyes and the heart. The contorted grotesque personas, the depraved behaviour and the violence unleashed are not for the ones with soft sensibilities.

The social commentary about the sickening oppressive patriarchy and toxic masculinity is hard hitting.The glaring sarcasm and repugnant irony of respect for God,Cow and Mother and the mistreatment of women is conveyed well.

On the flip side, I feel certain stretches and duration could have been shorter and the film crisper. Also, the story seemed to wobble a bit towards the end.

The intense subject has been brought alive by the superb performances of the cast.

Kashmira and Swarda do wonders with their realistic portrayal.They look incredibly real (talking about the body language, expressions, diction and not the unreal tan)

Tina Bhatia and Shashi Bhushan are good. Boloram Das’s portrayal of the psychologically derailed person gives you goosebumps.

The film is an absolutely riveting and nail biting thriller that keeps your palpitations high. Besides, it’s a scathing commentary about some ugly realities. But it’s strictly not for you if you cannot handle harsh stuff.

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