Our Friend

A beautiful and touching  story, about friendship and the joy of lending a helping hand, that revolves around the Teague family and their friend Dane.

Cast – Jason Seagel, Dakota Johnson, Casey Affleck , Isabella Rice, Violet McGraw

Director – Gabriela Cawperthwaite

Screenplay – Brad Ingelsby

Based on – The Friend by Mathew Teague


Devastated Teague family is coping with the discovery of Nicole’s (Dakota) cancer.

Her husband Matt (Affleck) and two young daughters are reeling with the heart breaking onslaught when Matt and Nicole’s friend Dane (Seagel) steps in.

The film takes us on a journey back and forth to show their past relationships and the present in which Dane is like a pillar standing by them and hand holding them through the tumultuous phase, staying with them for a long period, while putting his life on hold.


A great combination of screenplay and a good set of performances brings alive this real life story.

What we see is a set of real people, real life situations and real dynamics of relationships. But what’s most extra ordinary and overwhelming is Dane’s larger than life love and his rock solid support and help despite his own personal turmoils.

In the past peeks, we see their relationships blossoming and going through ups and downs but standing through the tests of rough times. In the wake of disease, when the family and relationships are badly effected by the physical and emotional turmoil, Dane’s cool and even minded presence and touch is like a soothing balm, balancing it out, sharing burdens, infusing moments of humour and respite.

The film is a roller coaster ride of happy moments, touching moments, overwhelming moments and of course teary eyed moments. But I liked the fact that the story emitted such positive vibes and positive outlook despite portraying such adverse circumstances.

The film is based on a real story and the end credits give us real life updates about Matt, Nicole and Dane.


This engaging film and overwhelming story is definitely recommended for its beautiful perspective about friendship, love and life.

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