The Past

A deep, immersive drama that gives a close look at the complexity of relationships and the past thereof. Revolves around two dysfunctional families and their interwoven dynamics.

Cast – Berenice Bejo, Ali Mosaffa, Pauline Burlet, Elyes Aguis, Jeanne Jestin, Tahar Rahim

Writer/Director – Asghar Farhadi


Ahmad (Mosaffa) comes back to Paris after a long gap to formalise his divorce with his

ex-wife Marie Ann (Bejo), meet up with the kids and culminate the relationship on a good note.

She seeks his help to talk to her teenage daughter Lucie (Burlet) about her rebellious ways.

He finds himself staying at her place even though he didn’t want to, discovers that Samir (Rahim) and his young kid Fouad (Aguis) now share their house and her life.

Things get complicated when he gradually discovers that Marie Ann might not be quite done with her past, Samir has a past which is not yet a past and Lucie is harbouring deep resentment… and a secret that’s going to snowball into something even more complicated.


This nuanced relationship drama shows how the past is not so easy to give up on and always remains a part of us even without realising sometimes.

Writer Director Asghar Farhadi stuns you with the psychological and emotional momentum of it. He lets you to discover this seemingly simple story in a very layered manner, letting you to soak and absorb the characters, the underlying currents of their relationships and gradually unravel the complicated dynamics, finally leaving you with a hangover of thoughts.

The performances are so intense, real and so beautiful that you revel in each frame and each expression of the characters.

I loved Mosaffa, Burlet and Bejo but my heart was stolen by many amazing and intense moments portrayed by little Aguis.

The ability of Farhadi to draw those performances and capture moments and feelings is stellar.

This French-Italian-Iranian drama boasts of earnest writing, captivating storytelling and superb performances.Those with a palate for content based world cinema and immersive dramas shouldn’t miss this one.

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