A horror thriller that revolves around a family dealing with malevolent spirits besieging their home and the youngest child.

Cast – Jobeth Williams, Craig Nelson, Dominique Dunne, Oliver Robins, Heather O’Rourke, Beatrice Straight, Zelda Rubinstein

Director – Tobe Hooper

Story By – Steven Spielberg


Diane and Steve Freeling (Jobeth, Craig) live with their three kids Dana, Robbie and Carol (Dominique, Oliver, Heather) in a lovely house in a newly built colony. They are a typical happy family till some eerie happenings rock their life.

Objects start moving on their own, cutlery bends and their youngest, Carol starts talking to the static in TV. They find it mysterious and odd but unfortunately do not consider it dangerous till one fateful night when something incredible and eerie sucks away Carol!

When researched and analysed by parapsychologists, they realise that their little girl is trapped in a different world desperately trying to find her way back!!


This seemingly typical theme about evil spirits and a family has been given a very different treatment specially as per the times it was made in.

Produced, written and reportedly ghost directed by Steven Spielberg, it refrains from resorting to typical horror tropes like ghost possessions, exorcism, jump scares or fearful background score.That’s what sets it apart and gives the storytelling a fresh feel.

Instead, he resorts to a lot of special effects.

The flip side is that I did miss the fear inducing or terrorising moments. I feel some more night time moments, eerie score or terrorised characters could have added to our fear factor.

Nevertheless this iconic horror film could be a one time watch for the horror buffs for its different treatment and feel.

Sadly, the film has some unfortunate and inexplicable real life tragedies attached to it (including two leads and two crew members)adding to the enigma and eeriness around it.

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