Evil eye

Is a mystery thriller with a supposed pinch of horror and the story revolves around a paranoid mother anxious about her daughters safety.

Cast – Sarita Chaudhury, Sunita Mani, Omar Maskati, Bernard White

Director – Ellan Dassani, Rajeev Dassani

Writer – Madhuri Shekar

Producers – Jason Blum (Paranormal Activity, Insidious, Hush, Oculus etc) and Priyanka Chopra


The story opens to show an overprotective mother Usha (Chaudhary) fretting about her daughter Pallavi (Mani) who is in US. Usha is a pushy mom wanting her daughter to “settle down” and trying to fix a match.

When Pallavi finds her “Mr.Right” Sandeep (Maskati) who turns out to be Mr.Perfect and too good to be true, Usha becomes worried and anxious for Pallavi’s life.

While Usha is worried to the extent of paranoia, Pallavi feels she’s being smothered with overprotectiveness. But then she sees the reason behind this anxiety when her father Krishnan (White) tells her about Usha’s past.

What was the past? What was Usha’s fear? Did there actually lurk a danger or was it just Usha’s paranoia?


I do not understand why the film is being marketed as a horror while it actually consists of just a pinch of supernatural. The “Blumhouse effect” I guess.

It’s practically a mystery thriller. Those wary of horrors can consider it without an iota of fear.

If you haven’t seen the trailers, then I suggest do not. It’s a dead give away.

Honestly, the mystery is mild but it does keep you engaged. The basic plot is a bit thin but then the film’s short run of 1 hour 30 minutes balances it out.

The film eventually ends with a well meant and relevant message around abusive relationships, their psychological impact, how daughters need the right upbringing to avoid it and unflinching support to be able to deal with it. Cool, so all is well that ends well.


What I found most impressive that held me on is Sarita Chaudhury’s (Mississippi Masala fame) performance. She does have the lion’s share and completely justifies it by her nuanced portrayal and expressions. Found a resemblance and so many shades of Shabana Azmi kind of expressions on her.

Mani was convincing as Pallavi but Maskati lacked the mystery, charisma or menace required for the role.


If the makers wanted to make us fidgety with fear and mystery, that’s certainly not happening. But yes, it could be a one time watch for the mystery thriller buffs.

Another reason could be “Lets support saddi desi girl Priyanka’s production venture“.

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