This is an investigative drama that aims to be , and actually is a lot more than just a crime thriller.

It is based on Pulitzer winning news article of 2015 based on real incidents and investigations in search of a serial rapist.

What sets it apart is the subtle handling of the emotional and psychological part of all stakeholders sans the melodrama and goriness of rapes.

While the story focuses on the procedural investigation to the minutest of details that forms a very strong part of being a thriller albeit at a slow pace because of the details it encompasses , at the same time ,very subtly , it portrays the psychological consequences on the victims and even the two women investigators.

Cast – Toni Collett, Merritt Wever, Kaitlyn Dever

Director – Susannah Grant


The story begins with a young girl reporting a rape. The shoddy ,lackadaisical ,biased and misogynistic approach by the police and investigator traumatises the victim Marie to confess that she made a false complaint, get ostracised by her friends and family and is a complete mess.

But somewhere else the perpetrator is on the prowl claiming his victims. Different areas , different women , different age groups , different ethnicity , different investigators , none bothered to see a pattern.

Unknown to each other, two women investigators , very different in personality and approach are chasing a similar perpetrator with all their heart and soul. When they get together , they make a difference with their diligence and their heart in the right place.

Watch this one to see how painstakingly they join the dots and what they discover. Does Marie get her life back?


It extremely well documented in terms of the procedural details and very well written in terms of drawing out the emotional part of its characters. And that’s where it has an edge besides having some remarkable performances by the three leads.

While the investigation , its dead ends , false cues and disappointments keep you on tenterhooks and yet chasing, the emotional and psychological wreckage of Marie and others pulls your heart apart.

More than the grave assault, it’s her loneliness and plight that digs at you. In spite of their robust foster care system , the rigmarole of what foster kids sometimes go through is heart wrenching.

The detailed cat and mouse chase by PD and FBI with full on details ,well portrayed aftermath of assault on victims , the male dominated and lopsided approach by the system , and two women out there not willing to give up, make up for a wonderful story that only not only keeps your heart beats up and running but also pulls your heartstrings.

It’s a series of just 8 episodes completely worth your time.

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