Perfume: The story of a murderer

Set in 18th century France , as the name suggests , is the story of a man so obsessed with collecting smells that it leads to murders.

Based on a novel by Patrick Suskind , the film is a dark , twisted, psychological and fantasy ,directed by the man who gave us the likes of Run Lola Run.

Cast – Ben Whishaw, Dustin Hoffman, Alan Rickman

Director -Tom Tywker


Jean Baptiste Grenouille had an exceptionally hard child hood and God compensated him by gifting an exceptional quality. Whether it was a boon or a curse is what the story tells you.

His exceptional olfactory senses help him rise out of putrid work of tanneries to the aromatic work of perfumeries. But his obsession to collect and store as many smells possible leads to doom.


The film has a deeply psychological hang to it that delves in to the connection of an exceptional human mind to smells.It’s dark and twisted because you see an artistic and gifted mind innocently blending with a criminal bent. Its harsh to sensibilities and macabre at times. The fag end is more fantasy and borderline bizarre.

The film despite all its darkness , has an artistic quality about it that’s highly intriguing. I found the performance by Whishaw absolutely brilliant. He so successfully managed to confuse the audience with what they felt for Grenouille. It began with pity, then sympathy , then dislike but you would never manage to hate him. That was the brilliance of writing and portrayal.

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