Marriage Story

This film follows the journey of a couple who are on course to divorce but have not overcome their love for each other.

Cast – Scarlett Johansson , Adam Driver, Laura Dern , Merritt Wever

Director – Noah Baumbach


Nicole ( Scarlett) is a stage actress married to a stage director Charlie( Adam) with an 8 yr old son. She gave up the chance to be on screen for years to be in Charlie’s theatre company in New York but now wants to move to LA where she has a chance at acting and directing a series. This whole rift about New York Vs LA turns out to be the major bone of contention.

This seemingly frivolous reason is actually about a woman deciding to finally give a chance to her own identity, potential and reckoning. It’s about the man finally getting to see that it’s not necessarily the woman who has to take a back seat when chasing the dreams.

But what’s more beautiful is their relationship, love and admiration for each other which does not let the bitterness creep in.

Their understanding and coming to terms with the situation is absolutely heart-warming .

This light hearted film on a not so light an issue of separation needs to be appreciated for the way it has managed to portray both sides without taking sides , without making it too heavy and keeping it humorous without trivialising it. Backed up with some great performances , Baumbach churns out a light and adorable film.

The film won accolades that include numerous nominations and awards. Scarlett gives an absolutely smashing performance.

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