A Little Chaos (2014)

Is a British period drama that revolves around a strong willed and talented landscape artist who gets to design a part of the famous Gardens of Palace of Versailles for King Louis XIV of France , against all odds of gender and class biases during those times.

Cast- Kate Winslet , Mathias Schoenaerts , Alan Rickman, Stanley Tucci

Director – Alan Rickman


Andre Le Notre ( Mathias) is the principal landscape architect who has a huge responsibility to make the gardens of the palace of Versailles, for the ambitious and demanding King Louis ,for which he is hiring . Sabine( Kate) manages to impress him with her offbeat vision and strong will and gets the contract to design and make a part of the garden. But the journey is not going to be easy.

The story shows her beating all odds of gender bias and class divides with her hard work, talent and wits. While she fights the demons of her past, she finds a chance at new love. While she faces dangerous jealousy and rivalry , she manages to wow many with her kind heart and sharp wit.

The film is a beautiful and breezy story about a woman striving and shining. Kate Winslet is obviously a big charm with her performance. The period era setting , the journey of converting a raw country side to something beautiful and grand was interesting.

It’s a sweet little period watch without too many lows and much to feel happy about.

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