The Wife

Is a thought provoking drama centred around the relationship of couple who have a life that is amazingly perfect and the two being in perfect sync with each other. It actually focuses around the wife who has been an ideal and dedicated wife for her genius writer husband.

Cast – Glenn Close, Jonathan Pryce

Direction – Bjorn Runge


The film opens on a cheery note with Joseph( Pryce ) and Joan (Glenn ) receiving happy news that Joseph has been awarded with the Nobel Prize for Literature for his prolific body of work and contribution to the world of literature. Their life seems perfect. The immense and ultimate recognition , two grown up kids , a grand child on the way , a dedicated wife , a self absorbed but genius husband. She is on the sidelines but is always stand by to care about him right to his spectacles , medicines , diet ,routines etc. She is always the quiet demure one letting him bask in the glory.

And off they are to Stockholm for the award ceremony.

By you now start seeing the chinks. A slightly restless Joan, a very bitter son, a vain achiever , a narcissist and dependent husband, a conceited artist and unfortunately a cheating spouse.

Within a span of 2 days , you see their relationship turning around till the time some shattering revelations come tumbling out and hit them like a ship wreck.

What was it that Joan , the perfect wife and mother was holding so close to her heart?


In an extremely immersive and thought provoking story, brought to shine with a stellar performance by Glenn Close , we see how unfair the world and life could be to a woman’s talent and calibre …definitely was years back and unfortunately maybe even now ;How precariously the dynamics in relationships are generally tilted ;how easily people fit into the gender defined roles; how smoothly the perfect facades could be hiding so much beneath.

The film won numerous accolades and nominations for Glenn Close.

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