Virgin River

Is a feel good – look good kind of a series that offers a complete package of romance, emotions, relationships, beautiful small town, good people and good looking protagonists.

Cast – Alexandra Brackenridge, Martin Henderson,Tim Matheson , Annette O’Toole

Based on – Virgin River Novels by Robyn Carr


Melinda is a nurse practitioner who, in a bid to escape from her past, relocates from LA to a remote North California town called Virgin River. While she constantly has to cope up with the haunting emotional memories, her sister’s insistence to come back, she also now stands to cope up with a hostile boss, Doctor Vernon ,who doesn’t want her.

But Thank God for the overbearing ,interfering but sweet Town mayor Hope McCrea and he good looking and ever helpful Bar owner Jack Sheridan who join hands to make sure that she stays back.

Its a sweet and emotional story about people, relationships, disappointments and most importantly love that eventually overcomes all.


The most striking thing about the series is its setting. The town they have created is so beautiful , its straight out of a storybook. Of course it is, this is not just my favourite expression this time. Have not read the books but I am sure the makers have done full justice towards the novel series fans. The music is absolutely beautiful and enchanting.It enhances the mood of the story.

The story is emotional in an understated way with some realistic portrayals of the dynamics that play amongst the characters.

Its engaging and a good watch if you are in mood for something light and romantic or if you are the kinds who love their story settings in picturesque little towns with nice people.

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