East Side Sushi

Is a drama about an American Mexican mom aspiring to be a sushi chef while working for a Japanese restaurant.

Its a delightful food film with drool worthy detailed peak into the Japanese art of sushi making and behind the scenes of a chef’s life besides being an inspiring story of a woman persevering to follow her passion.

Cast – Diana Elizabeth Torres

Director – Anthony Lucero


Juana is a single mom living with her old father who have to toil hard to make a living.

When she joins a Japanese restaurant as a helper in the kitchen , she faces many challenges including a not so agreeable father because of her duty hours , a snobbish, racist and mysogynistic restaurant owner who is not ready to let her progress. But she has her very supportive colleague, her own resilience and her family which eventually comes around to support her.

Its wonderful to watch her learn the ropes. Watch this delightful little film to see her journey.

Diana plays Juana well and the culinary part is detailed enough to keep you engaged and hungry , specially if you are a sushi lover.

A good and pleasant watch for all , and specially for cooking enthusiasts.

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