The Prestige

It is a mind bending psychological thriller that revolves around the mechanics and psyche of two magicians, their world & obsessions.Just like trickery of a good magician it leaves you enthralled and deciphering .

Cast – Hugh Jackman, Chistian Bale, Scarlett Johansson , Rebecca Hall

Director – Christopher Nolan


It opens with a magician drowning during an act and another being charged for his murder.

The story is about friends turned foes Borden( Bale) and Angier (Hugh), who are magicians obsessed with the world of magic and illusions and in a race for upmanship. One is hell bent at guarding a trade secret, the other at knowing it. The film chronicles their story of rivalry and revenge.


Nolan is a unique film maker whose films are often based around theory of knowledge, justification, rationality of belief ,difference between potentiality and actuality. With unconventional narratives, he is known to explore human morality and personal identity.

As explained to us in this film, a magician ’s trick is all about creating an illusion, often a disappearance of something / someone and then the final act of re-appearance , which is the trickiest part.

The audience see , get enraptured , and wonder …

Metaphorically thats what the film does to you.. leave you wondering . Don’t be surprised if you want to watch it twice over in an attempt to decipher !

A must watch for fans of psychological thrillers / mind benders / Christopher Nolan.

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