Bulbbul is a film that defies genres and shines with its unique style of story telling.

It’s not the usual horror that you would expect / fear. But it uses its eerie atmospherics, mystery and desolate feel to create a dark film that’s unnerving & touching at the same time.

Cast – Tripti Dimri,Avinash Tiwary Paoli Dam , Parambrata Chatterjee ( Kahani fame) , Rahul Bose

Director- Anvita Dutt


Bulbbul ( Tripti ) is married to a rich family of landlords as a child bride.

Years later, we see her brother in law Satya(Avinash Tiwary) return to the mansion after 5 years in London. A lot has changed. Bulbbul’s husband Indranil (Rahul Bose)has deserted the household. His twin brother was killed an year ago. And there’s a word around the village that the mysterious deaths of men around are apparently by a witch .

Satya & Bulbbul definitely do not believe that theory and Satya decides to investigate.

Apart from the mysterious deaths , there is a shadow of darkness & gloom over the mansion.

What is it that Satya discovers?


Anvita Dutt, who is a proficient & acclaimed film writer is superbly impressive in her directorial debut.

She wins heart with her unique writing, period era look & feel of Bengal seen after a long while, the setting, the gloom, the intense mystery, the spook factor and most importantly the heart and soul that she gives to this story.

She distinctly chooses red colour in her frames thats a metaphor for many things,all things bridal sindoor (vermilion), alta (bright red dye for palm & feet), sarees , bindi and .. blood !

Like Stree combined fear and humour to convey a message ,this one uses fear and gloom to convey something.

Backed up with an apt cast and wonderful performances, the film has short duration (1hr40 min)and a pace thats slow & slick at the same time.

Amit Trivedi’s music plays an imp role that adds to the feel of darkness, melancholy & mystery.

Performance wise , its a Tripti Dimri ‘s show through and through. The girl from Laila Majnu who looked impressive & promising in her debut , shines in this character with multiple shades. Innocence, naiveté, chirpiness, love, stars in the eye and then transformation to a woman who is mature,shrude mysterious,fearless and has a mind and heart of her own. Her angst, loneliness and longing is something she wonderfully conveys and transfers to you.

Avinash Tiwary,Rahul Bose, Parambrata Chatterjee and Paoli Dam give a befitting support.

Its a dark film that plans to and succeeds in hanging around and spooking you like a witch does. But sometimes witches have a story and this one would win your heart and stay with you for long after you have finished watching… just like the fog remains even after the witch has vanished!

Score 9 on 10

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