My Happy Family

Is a Georgian drama about a woman finally wiggling out of her overprotective family with grown up adult children ,overbearing parents, interfering extended family, a failed marital relationship and an indifferent husband.

Its has slow and beautiful storytelling backed up with superb performance by Ia Shugliashvili. Against all odds Mañana ( Shugliashvili) walks out of the heavily patriarchal set up and finally finds peace, freedom ,identity of her own to live life on her own terms .

The directors Nana Ekvtimishvili and Simon Grob bring alive the chaos and clutter of her family environment and how alienated she finds herself. Once she moves out, the peace, solitude she finds in the simple mundane routines, and the freedom she eventually gets is depicted beautifully.

Those looking for “validity”of reasons might not be agree with Manana’s decision but the tranquility she achieves is worth being a part of.

It is the story of a woman finally bringing her life to her own terms.

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