Is an Israeli drama about about two women belonging to Bedouin community in a remote village of Southern Israel; a mother fretting , unhappy but helpless about her husband’s second marriage and her daughter who wants to marry a boy she loves.


The film opens to Jalila hosting a marriage party and welcoming her husband’s second wife. She has no choice but to come to terms with her changed status and accept the vast difference of lifestyle and living standards that her next door new family member enjoys.

Her daughter Layla loves a boy from outside their community. When her father fixes her marriage against her wishes, she has the option of compromising her life or running away.


The setting and premise is very intriguing.The dynamics of all characters at play , is very engaging.Set in present times , we see modern gadgets in household , cell phones , heavily made up brides in a remote village co- existing with a primitive mindset, gender skewed and claustrophobic patriarchal set up.

Backed up by an impressive performance by Ruba Blal who brings alive Jalila, the story effortlessly projects the plight and angst of a wife , who herself is deeply conditioned. Her daughter Layla , is brave but will she succumb to the conditioning or chart her own course ?

An interesting film that gives a peak into a different culture and country and a disturbingly patriarchal set up.

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