It is a South Korean political / zombie/ horror /thriller series based on webcomic series called “ The Kingdom of the Gods”.


The Kingdom of Joseon is reeling under problems.They are recovering from a war, there’s poverty and hunger around , the King is suffering from a mysterious illness and the queen consort is suspiciously not allowing anyone to meet him.

Prince Chang suspects political conspiracy ,by a powerful clan which the queen belongs to, to usurp the power. Amidst rumours that the king has died , he decides to trace King’s old physician to get to the truth but what he discovers is far more devastating. There’s a mysterious plague spreading in the country and people are turning zombies like a forest fire.

Over a series of total 12 episodes lasting 2 seasons , we see Chang struggling to control the spread while trying to find the reason of the spread and its cure. He also has to deal with dark treacheries and conspiracies to retain the throne while trying to help his poor hapless subjects .


Though I personally find zombie horror more gory than actually scary, what worked for me was the period setting , the thrills of political conspiracy , the mystery that they have maintained and the overall intrigue.

The ancient Korean setting gave a peep into a different culture and era. Political conspiracies and the almost war like situations were thrilling and I found the series very engaging.

Though I did find some inconsistencies and loop holes here and there but I think its passable given the genre that we are watching.

It is very engaging, not too scary but those who can’t stand blood and gore should avoid.

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