This highly emotional and very engaging drama revolves around a woman ,a mother, who is pushed to the wall under excruciating circumstances. With drug cartels and narcotics department at her heels, she does all that she can to keep her kids, her family safe while dealing with treacheries and conspiracies.

Is a crime based web series that is a remake of a Dutch web series called Penoza.

Cast – Sushmita Sen, Namit Das, Jayant Kripalani, Sikander Kher, Namit Sen, Maya Sarao, Manish Chodhary, Sugandha Garg, Chandrachur Singh, Sohaila Kapur, Vikas Kumar

Director – Ram Madhavani


The story opens to show Aarya (Sushmita) in a marital homely bliss with hubby Tej( Chandrachur) and kids. Her world shatters when Tej (who is an ethical and somewhat unwilling partner in illegal drugs business with Aarya’s brother and close friend) gets killed.

At her wits about why and by whom her husband was killed ,she soon finds herself in deep mess with drug cartels and narcotics department. With kids going emotional wreck and haywire due to sudden loss, an expensive consignment going missing , and threatening situations in life ,we see a woman with incredible grit and strength facing everything head on.

Extortions , threats, kidnapping, murders , emotional upheavals, she faces it all… but it is the trust that faces calamity.

Be a partner with Aarya journey’s to know what is it that she discovers and where does her destiny land her.


Ram Madhavani has proved with Neerja that he is adept at making emotionally charged thrillers and it is precisely what he does with Aarya too. With intense mystery and whodunnit kind of puzzle ,the plot is like a maze for Aarya. Seeing her pushed to the wall and yet stand up to her circumstances makes you admire her but her misery is heart wrenching. While I found the story absolutely engaging but it was also emotionally draining at times.


The credit of course goes to Sushmita ,in her meatiest and best performance till date. She makes Aarya come alive. Aarya’s resilience, composure, elegance, courage, occasional breakdowns and admirable grit shone in Sushmita’s expressions and demeanour.

The rest of the cast is a strong point too. Sikander Kher as the quiet and mysterious Daulat .Manish Choudhary as good looking ,dapper, lean and mean Shekhawat. Namit Das as the selfish mean partner and friend. Vikas Kumar as shrewd and resolute ACP Khan.

Maya Sarao as Maya was good but nothing like the superbly played character in Thappad. Chandrachur , Jayant Kripalani and Sohaila Kapur were good in their roles.


The series is completely worth a watch. It’s a very engaging thriller backed up by good direction, good actors and good performances. It’s a must watch for Sushmita Fans.

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