The Lost Girls

This American mystery drama is an engaging story of a mother’s relentless search for her missing daughter that in turn unearths a series of killings.

A true story, it remains another major unsolved mystery that on one hand highlights lackadaisical approach and tardiness on part of investigators ,on the other hand , portrays the emotional turmoil struggles and admirable determination of a family.

Cast – Amy Ryan , Thomas McKenzie

Director- Liz Garbus


Mari (Amy) is a single mom of 3 girls, trying hard to make both ends meet. Her eldest, Shannon is a young 18 year who has flown the nest since she was 12 and is living on her own. Her youngest is on medicines for psychological problems.Their life, though hasn’t been smooth, suddenly takes a turn for the worst when Shannon goes missing.

The police has a very apathetic approach to the case in spite of a very desperate distress call on 911 by Shannon just before she disappeared because they are now biased about the kind of profession she was in. But Mari is not the one to give up.She starts investigating herself. With unfaltering determination, she gets hold of solid clues and evidences and in the process, tumbles upon many remains of some long forgotten cases. Its exasperating and extremely sad to see the police refuse to pay heed when all they needed to do was just follow the cues. It also leaves an insight that across countries and people and cultures, sickening biases and apathy can be so similar.

In an emotional and gritty journey, we see what Mari’s spirited search leads to.


The film has a lot of substance and emotional appeal to it being a real life story. The end credits share the real life images of Gilbert family.Amy delivers a very moving and realistic performance as the worried, pained , guilt ridden but determined mother.


The mystery, the chase ,credible performances and the emotional factor make this real life story,an emotional thriller, worth a watch.

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