The Age Of Adaline

Is an American romantic fantasy film with an interesting story about a woman who stopped ageing and remained a young beautiful woman for more than 8 decades !

Imagine how an aspect thats a driving force for millions, that is , to maintain and retain youth, could become the bane of someone’s life .

Cast- Blake Lively, Michiel Huisman, Harrison Ford

Director -Lee Toland Kreiger


Adaline( Blake)was a 29 year old single mother who met with an accident when some bio electrical reaction led to a genetic mutation and she stopped ageing. Initially it was just curiosity and admiration from those around. But with years passing by, it led to suspicion of even authorities.To avoid being an experimental mice, she escapes ,to live a nomadic life for decades.She would take on new identities, keep shifting places to avoid suspicion, avoid any close relationships.

Decades later, she is still a beautiful intelligent enigmatic young woman. She finds love that is irresistible, but is ready to run again because things are obviously too complicated.

Does Adaline manage to end the utter loneliness of her life ?

It is quite an engaging story that is backed up by an impressive performance by Blake Lively. The novelty of the story, the intrigue quotient and the cast ,make it a pleasant and breezy watch.

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