The Maid

Is a Thai horror drama that has recently released on Netflix.

Cast – Ploy Sornarin, Savika Chaiyadej,Theerapat Sajakul

Director -Lee Thongkham


The story opens to showing us a wealthy mansion where in a maid, spooked by some supernatural happenings, leaves job. Innocent and enthusiastic Joy(Ploy) takes up the post.The masters/owners are very sullen, the staff tight-lipped and the atmosphere very cryptic.

When she too starts seeing things, she decides to confront. But no one is willing to accept, apart from the little child of the house who has also seen what she sees.When she happens to find an old pic with a lady who resembles the ghost that she sees ,she decides to dig.

What tumbles out is a painful past that leads to a lot of bloodshed. What was it that the household was hiding ?


The film is a mixture of supernatural horror with mystery cum revenge drama with emotional twist cum slasher horror.

The mystery factor is a major advantage that the film has.That , along with the supernatural spooks, make the first half fairly engaging. I found the performances of Ploy and Savika( who plays Uma) fairly good.

While the film does not showcase anything outstanding in its genre, it could be a good watch for the horror buffs. Those who like their horror with a dose of suspense and emotions wouldn’t be disappointed.

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