Remains Of The Day

This British American Drama is based on Booker Prize winning novel of the same name by Kazoo Ishiguro. It’s a well acclaimed film that received numerous nominations in various categories including Oscar and other prestigious awards. Anthony Hopkins won the Best Actor for it in British Academy Awards.

Cast – Anthony Hopkins , Emma Thompson , Christopher Reeve, Hugh Grant

Director – James Ivory

The story revolves around Stevens ( Hopkins), who has been a much revered and devoted butler in Darlington Hall. So devoted that he refused to see Lord Darlington’s Nazi leanings when everyone around was much concerned about it. His devotion to work made him refuse the affections of Sally ( Thompson) who was the Housekeeper. Years later , in post war 1958 England , Stevens reminisces his life and ponders over the remains of his life.

It’s a very quiet and understated peep into his reflections of his own life.Now that he is either having to deny having served the man he lived for, or defend him ;now that its only his work to give him company ,were the ethos that he lived for worth it ?

The film is lavishly set and fabulously crafted. It has a languorous pace that gives you time to relish each frame , each expression and unsaid nuances with shining performances by Hopkins and Thompson.

If illustrated and acclaimed but slow films suit your palate , this one is must watch.

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