Unorthodox : Netflix Mini series

Unorthodox is a spellbinding story of a woman fleeing from her ultra orthodox Hasidic Jewish community and trying to find herself in a new world , a secular world that’s free and unbound.

This recently released German-American series with just 4 episodes is topping the charts and has an IMDB rating of 8.3. Its loosely based on Deborah Feldman’s autobiography called “ Scandulous Rejection of My Hasidic Roots”.

Cast – Shira Haas , Amit Rahav, Jeff Willbusch

Director – Maria Schrader

The story revolves around a nineteen year old married girl called Etsy who flees Williamsburg, New York from her extremely orthodox Satmar community ( Hasidic Jews). The story runs on two parallel tracks ;Etsy discovering normal life and culture in Berlin and she reminiscing her unhappy one year life as a married woman in her community.

The series is superb in practically all departments right from their research work and accurate depiction of this marginalised community , to screenplay that is as engaging as a thriller , to marvellous performances by the central leads ,Etsy (Shira) and her husband Yanky ( Amit).

It was extremely intriguing to see the detailed, orthodox and religion driven, rigid lifestyle , traditions and rituals of the people. It was also very emotional to see the journey of this young woman trying to find a foothold in a new world and also fighting against the family who is hellbent on finding her and bring her back.

Mind boggling and claustrophobic is the image of the life that she flees away from. Her pain, fears, confusion and efforts of trying to fit in are moving beyond words. Admirable is her courage and determination to change the course of her life.

The story takes you on Etsy’s moving journey and gives you a peep into a life and world so different and unsettling yet a reality for thousands of woman even today.

It’s pure exultation to see Etsy find her freedom and happiness.

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