What sets apart this is supernatural horror about exorcism is the fact that it tries to explore this sub-genre from a slightly deeper , perhaps philosophical perspective of faith.

Its loosely based on Matt Baglio’s book that in turn is based on American priest, Gary Thomas’s real life experiences, who was sent to Vatican to train as an exorcist.

Cast – Anthony Hopkins , Colin O’Donogue

Director – Mikael Hafstrom


Michael Kovak (Colin) is a son of a funeral home owner and works as a mortician. He goes on for his degree as a priest not because he wants to do it or has faith but because that’s the only option that can help him away from what he does but probably has never liked right from the childhood. He believes in neither Demon nor God.

On prompting by a father is his university , he reluctantly goes for a course in exorcism but keeps questioning the whole thought process and faith behind it. He is then sent to Father Lucas who practises exorcism. While he witnesses few cases with father Lucas, he always has a contrary theory and scientific approach to the cases at hand.

His lack of belief in God never completely accepts Father Lucas’s methods or his absolute faith .. till the time he experiences something surreal himself. But is it too late by then ? What is it that finally forces him to wholeheartedly accept the existence of Demon and the power of God ?

I found it interesting that the film touches upon ,questions and explains the concept of good and bad powers, God and Demon and the faith thereof.

The basic premise is great, unlike the usual exorcist films. Atmospherics are good. Performances of both the leads are superb.

Definitely recommended for the horror buffs.

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