Director- Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

Writers- Nitesh Tiwari, Ashwini Iyer Tiwari, Nikhil Mehrotra

Cast- Kangana Ranaut, jassi Gill, Richa Chaddha, Neena Gupta

In a nutshell:

ASHWINI IYER TIWARI ‘s Panga is a film that’s right from the heart, and rightfully so, it touches your heart in every way possible. It makes you smile, it makes you cry, it inspires you and overwhelms you.


Jaya Nigam(Kangana)is extremely touchy about three things she loves most in her life – her husband (Jassie Gill) , son ( Yagya Bhasin) and Kabaddi. An erstwhile Kabaddi star, now working with railways, she’s a doting mother,a loving and loved wife with the only thing out of place in her perfect blissful life is the fact that she misses her third love.

Somewhere in the rigmarole of her daily life and mundane job , there’s a craving for what she could have pursued , what she could have been.

When her little son pushes her to make a comeback, she decides to appear to do so just to appease him. But what she doubtfully and grudgingly starts awakens her dormant passion and instils a confidence that she must actually give herself a fair chance and try to make a comeback.

The journey is an uphill task and how she accomplishes that with the unflinching support of her family and best friend Meenu( Richa)who is now a Kabaddi coach, is what makes the rest of the story.

Crew and Analysis:

The beauty and strength of this wonderful film is its writing( Ashwini , Nikhil Mehrotra ). It’s like Ashwini had her finger on the pulse.

All characters are well etched and win your heart with their realism.

Jaya is so real life, that every woman would see glimpses of herself in Jaya. Her world ,her dedication towards her family, her fretting, her aspirations, dilemmas ,challenges are all absolutely slice of life. The little nuances of life of a working woman and the middle class family life have been captured so well, they just ensnare your heart.

The dynamics the three of them had was overwhelming. The beautiful relationship she shares with her husband is couple goal material.

The sports part of the film gives you glimpse of training details, tad team politics, bit of tense moments and enough exhilarating triumph.

Dialogues and screenplay ( NITESH TIWARI) are excellent. They ace up the realism and emotions as and when required and provide ample chuckles and laughs.

LYRICS by Javed Akhtar are meaningful and touchy.

MUSIC by Shankar Ehsan Loy is melodious and in perfect sync with the mood of the story at every turn.

BACKGROUND SCORE by Sanchit & Ankit Balhara deserves a mention too. You’ll be all too aware of it in a scene between father and son in a railway yard.


Kangana once again proves that she’s an actor par excellence. Every nuance of the character, every gesture, every expression was a pleasure to watch and worth applause. She brought Jaya to life.

Jassie Gill marvelled as Kangana’s counterpart. Some of his expressions and scenes were so subtle,he surprised and impressed.

Yagya Bhasin , the mini bomb is the find of the year. He’s sure to sweep away awards . He’s superb as the little one who is childish and mature as need be. That child is a natural.

Richa Chadha was good and so was Neena in her little role.

Recommendation :

The film is a winner through and through. It pulls at your heartstrings by bringing leaves out of nitty gritty of real life.The story is not only relatable but promises a complete gamut of emotions. Most of the time you will be either smiling with awe, or laughing or feeling a lump in your throat or crying your heart out.

Watch it to know how every woman out there can pursue her passion if the loved ones come together to make it happen.

Score 9 on 10

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