Director/ Writer- Navjot Gulati

Cast- Sunny Singh, Sonnalli Seygall, Supriya Pathak, Poonam Dhillon

In a nutshell:

This romantic comedy about two lovers dealing with their mothers, who are at loggerheads, is a mediocre and tepid fare at the max.


Puneet ( Sunny Singh) and Saanjh(Sonalli Seygall) are child hood lovers and next door neighbours, a fact unknown to their mothers Laali( Supriya Pathak) and Pinki (Poonam Dhillon) who have been erstwhile college besties but now arch-enemies who can’t stand each other.

In a heavily Punjabi and ultra cliched west Delhi set up, the story takes us through many apparently funny situations where in the lovers break up, make up and then take up the task of somehow getting together. To know how they manage this herculean feat , you’ll have to make a herculean (well not so much so honestly) effort of watching the film.

Crew :

This is Writer Director NAVJOT GULATI’s maiden directorial venture. He’s written a film earlier Running Shaadi ( Tapasee, Amit Sadh) which failed to make a mark. Unfortunately this one is bound to meet only a slightly better if not the same fate.

Music by Tanishq Bagchi , Meet Brothers is trendy but run of the mill. It’s nothing to write home about, just the typical remixes type.


The film opens and you are bombarded with a loud , boisterous Punjabi wedding set up. For Nth time we see the Delhi Punjabis being stereotyped as if their life revolves around drinks, butter chicken, accented broken English, designer wear and ego fights (not necessarily in that order).It’s so done to death that it’s not funny any more.

In trying to shorten the length of the film ( 1 hr 45 min) , they seem to have chopped off portions or at least so it appears that the film just keeps jumping from one scene to another.

The lead cast does seem to try its best but gets weighed down by the lacklustre writing.

The punches do seem funny but they fail to elicit laughter except here and there and that too is subjective.

Surprisingly, in spite of the crisp length of the film, it seemed to meander and lag.

Performances :

SUNNY and SONALLI look good.

But unfortunately, Sunny hasn’t been able to push the envelope beyond the same image that he projected in his earlier films. I don’t know why , I still feel that as an actor, he has more up his sleeve provided he gets a good director.

Sonalli seemed better off , Confident and more diverse in her portrayal of emotions.

As an actor with her level of calibre, SUPRIYA PAYHAK couldn’t do much.

POONAM DHILLON too seemed wasted in similar and silly expressions most of the time.


Overall, the film is a dull affair. Its comic quotient remains average and the screenplay fails to take off . It could be termed light and breezy if you aren’t a demanding audience.

Score 5 on 10

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