Director- Nitin Kakkar

Based on- Igualita a mi

Cast- Saif Ali Khan,Alaya Furniturewala, Tabu, Kubra Sait, Kumud Mishra

In a nutshell :

This chic and breezy story, which has family and love at its core, is a great bundle of quirky humour with a sprinkle of emotional moments.

Plot :

The plot revolves around a suave bachelor Jaz/ Jasvinder (Saif) settled in London who has a thriving business and loving family but enjoys his life wild , carefree and colourful. His resolve to stay that way crashes when he is practically accosted by young Tia( Alaya F) who is out on a mission to trace her father. Obviously he’s not ready to take the responsibility.To add complications, Tia discovers that she’s pregnant. Some where, down the story, enters Ananya (Tabu), Tia’s hippy mom.

The rest of the story is how mature , independent, sorted and absolutely adorable Tia gives him space and option to back out but gradually makes way into his life and heart.

The Crew :

This seemingly simple and breezy story has been given a very contemporary feel and brought to life by perfect team work. The credit begins from some great writing ( HUSSAIN DALAL), good dialogues( ABBAS DALAL) to great direction ( NITIN KAKKAR) and impressive performances.

Music is fair mix of groove-able remixes and a melodious Punjabi number (Tanishq Bagchi, Gourov Roshin).

Analysis :

The story that’s based around London has a very urbane feel to it and in perfect sync with it, is its humour, very quirky and situational, brought out by the great comic timing of the actors. Many dialogues and situations will bring on chuckles and laugh out aloud moments.

The film primarily remains light and humorous. Somewhere in the last leg, the emotional quotient rolls in gradually. The tonality is very subtle but good enough to bring a few moist eyed moments. From the hilarious plight of Saif when he discovers that the girl he thinks is coming on to him is his daughter , to the moment when he confesses his love to her, the journey seems natural while keeping us entertained throughout.

What’s noteworthy is that the director Nitin Kakkar seems sure about the pace and the treatment. I wouldn’t call it slow, but leisurely.The film is engaging through and through.


I would have to begin this with ALAYA FURNITUREWALA, who has made a brilliant debut. That girl is amazingly natural and confident.The subtlety of her expressions is worth applaud. Not an expression out of place or over the top. She’s sure to shine.

SAIF obviously wears the role like second skin. That urban , suave thing comes naturally to him. And quirk is definitely more his style of humour. He’s superb as the irresponsible bloke.

TABU is good in her small guest appearance.

KUBRA SAIT gives an impressive performance as Jaz’s friend Rhea.

KUMUD MISHRA is great as always as Jaz’s brother Dimpy.

Recommendation :

I do not know if this beautiful film has a mass appeal or not. If chic story setting, quirky humour, leisurely pace is your kind of taste then this breezy little film ( 2hrs) is a wonderful concoction of majorly humour and a perfect blend of emotions. With some wonderful set of performances thrown in, it could be a great weekend watch.

Score 7 on 10

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