Chalk n Duster (2016)

Cast – Juhi Chawla, Shabana Azmi, Zarina Wahab, Divya Dutta, Upasana Singh

Director – Jayant Gilatar

Written by – Ranjeev Verma, Neetu Verma

The movie does have its heart in the right place… with a good message that it wants to convey… about the commercialisation of education… but the execution is so amateurish that it fails to make a final impact except in bits and pieces here and there. And the credit for that too goes to the star cast and their commendable performances in spite of such a lacklustre script.

It’s such a pity that in spite of having actresses like Shabana Azmi, Divya Dutta, Zarina Wahab, Richa Chaddha and Juhi Chawla, the director accomplishes nothing great. Divya and Shabana were good in whatever they were given to do… which was not much as compared to their calibre. Such a waste!

The message about remembering and honouring our teachers specially the hardworking and passionate types does tug at the heart. The plight of teachers and their exploitation by management is all that they could convey. The RDB kind of movement in support of the wronged teacher was good but the KBC kind of GK quiz for a Maths and Science teacher to prove their calibre was as silly as it could be.

Over all, it was a very disappointing and average affair but it was a pleasure to watch Divya Dutta in that negative role and Shabana Azmi. That was the saving grace of the movie for me.

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