Airlift (2016)

Cast – Akshay Kumar, Nimrat Kaur, Avtar Gill, Inaamulhaq, Purab Kohli

Director – Raja Krishna Menon

Writers – Raja Krishna Menon, Suresh Nair, Rahul Nangia, Ritesh Shah

The film does ample justice to the curiosity and hype that awaited it.

It is realistic and dramatic with the right balance and taut & gripping with just the right amount of nationalism and emotions thrown in. Keeps you on the edge even though you know they were all ultimately saved.

We keep reading about such crisis and evacuations but to see the horror of such a siege unleashed and lives crumbling was scary. The chaos that ensues such a crisis could have been grimmer but the silver lining is that watching this much was easy to handle.

It shows how the herculean efforts of even a few courageous ones in such times can make and save hundreds and thousands of lives. And how even a few days of government apathy can make each day hell for those stuck away.

Akshay plays the fictional character very well in a restrained and mature manner. Nimrat is a good actress and that shows in her natural performance of a wife with a realistic relationship with her husband that oscillates between disagreements and love.

Some support cast are really outstanding like Prakash Belawadi playing the cynical man and Kumud Mishra playing the bureaucrat whose relentless efforts moved the government machinery . Purab Kohli was good in small and quiet role.

All the performances were good except for a funny Arabic accent by the Iraqi general played by Inaamulhaq

The music was good except for the silly Arabian item number in the beginning of the movie.

Overall the movie is definitely a worth watch.

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