OMG2 review : Relevant, Impactful, Entertaining and Important ! 

OMG 2 ( Satire / Drama /2023) 
Director & Writer – Amit Rai 
Cast – Pankaj Tripathi , Akshay Kumar, Yami Gautam, Pavan Malhotra , Govind Namdev, Arun Govil, Brijendra Kala 

What happens when a simple religious middle class man is jolted out of his peaceful life and finds his family facing the most horrifying ostracism and humiliation just because his young teenage son is accused of “ immoral conduct” ? 
Pressed against the wall with a situation that demands he pushes his own boundaries first and break out of the shackles of conditioning, he ultimately picks up cudgels and decides to fight against the taboo, of course with a bit of nudge and guidance from the almighty and his messenger. 

The most sought after question being “ Is the film as good as its predecessor ?”, the answer is a thumping Yes ! 

The film’s opening scenes are with naked Nagas, Shivling and Shiva being worshipped, the director probably emphasising a point.  It is about the taboo subject of Sex Education. It has its heart in the right place and a finger on the pulse of our society.
Our Kanti Bhai ( Pankaj Tripathi) digs out all the relevant support from our scriptures and ancient culture, asks some uncomfortable questions ,makes some really relevant points and jolts everyone out of the comfort zones. He makes everyone see the elephant in the room. 

The director Amit Rai deserves accolades for the balance he uses to deal with the subject. I wouldn’t say he uses kid gloves to handle the subject, for the point the film is trying to make is “ Shed the gloves” Its time to talk straight and talk the truth instead of mollycoddle the subject. 

In the first half , he takes you on an emotional ride. As parent, I felt extremely emotional and teary.  In the second half, you are taken on a roller coaster of emotions.  You are angry, open mouthed, overwhelmed and pushed to push your own boundaries.There are moments you tear up, moments when your palpitations increase, moments you cheer up and clap, moments you chuckle. Most importantly, the film eaves you thinking. And that’s exactly what the film aims to do. 

There are dialogues that stay with you “Baap toh aap hain hi , dost baniye “ “Kas ke pakadna beta , gir na jayo”( I am sure it had much more meaning than a father asking his child who was pillion riding a two wheeler “ . 

Super writing, fantastic dialogues, the humour, and Pankaj Tripathi’s remarkable skills are his only sheath that helps him talk about the penis size, erection, masturbation, pleasure,  vagina, intercourse, love making …. phew … with such aplomb.
He doesn’t spare anyone. Parents, schools, education system, quacks, chemists and the society in general. There is something for everyone as a takeaway, if we are willing to see the point that is .

Pankaj Tripathi once again proves what an Amazing Actor he is ( the capital As are not typo errors). The way he brings out the vulnerability, confusion, resolve of a father is superb.  Nothing that he says could ever seem trivial, irrespective of how many pinches of salt he adds to the way he delivers a dialogue. Fabulous is the word. Only he could have balanced what he says and how he says it in this film. 
Akshay Kumar once again brings back the maverick adorable charm of OMG. 
Yami Gautam is superb in an almost negative role. I swear I found her evil in some of the scenes and wanted to punch her. 
The rest of the cast lend great support.

Let’s not get into to nit picking. For best of the films are bound to have flaws. For now, let’s applaud the guts, intent and the approach.  The film is a must watch for all parents, educators, educationists, teenagers and all adults . 

Score 4/5

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  1. Wow ! Just like the movie you have described, your review also does not spare any punches. Looks like finally all subjects can be handled in a mature way in bollywood too. Ye movie must see lagti hai. Fantastic review. Technical description was not needed only. On a bynote Yami has the looks & attitude to do negative/ grey roles along with the standard fare.

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