Rocky Rani kii Prem Kahaani Review :“Entertaining,Unabashed, Emotional and says a lot! “

Director- Karan Johar

Cast – Ranveer Singh, Alia Bhatt, Jaya Bachhan, Aamir Bashir, Dharmendra, Shabana Azmi , Tata Roy Choudhary, Churni Ganguly, Namit Das, Kshitee Jog, Anjali Anand

Trust Karan Johar to deliver a typical, unabashed over the top but thoroughly entertaining Bollywood film. I had that much trust in him. But what floored me the most despite a shaky first half was the way  he smashes the stereotypes , using them and humouring them at the same time.That man sure knows what to say and tongue firmly in his cheek.

Emotional content has always been his forte and the man loves relationships and associated melodrama. But this time, there was a lot of substance in what he is trying to say, if you can see it through the loud colours, costumes and humour that is.
The film’s first half is not too impressive I must admit. The humour seemed out of place and scenes stitched up one after another. At times you wrinkle the nose at the stereotyping. Sudden love and casual chemistry has become the norm I guess ( considering so many films in past ) and everything seemed too loud and over the top.But post intermission, the film gets its grip on you. Once the conflict phase of the story blows up, it has you engulfed and engrossed.

The dialogues, the emotions, the melodrama, the dynamics, the love and even the loudness, everything falls in pace, so much so that when the film ends, you want an epilogue, you want to be a part of the story for some more time.After such a long time, the cinema was resounding with claps and cheers and sniffles at many a scenes( me included).
The message about cancellation and acceptance was deep and impactful. And makes you think about all the prejudices that we fall prey to knowingly or unknowingly.And of course the women empowerment thing always pulls a chord.

Speaking of Performances, I would say its Ranveer who shines and runs the show, as always, slipping into goofiness and intensity with equal ease. I have no qualms in saying he is the best of the current lot. That man slays it in a dance performance that smashes gender stereotypes. The cheers from the crowd was deafening and overwhelming.He proves that masculinity is not synonymous with machoism And desirability is so much beyond the latter.
Alia meets him with equal gusto, being an equally talented actor.
But but but, since the two actors are not short of talent, I wonder whom to blame for the lack of crackling chemistry and passion.

Jaya Bachhan is awesome and terrifying to be honest as the ruthless matriarch.All the rest of the cast does great.

Amongst the Music, Tum Kya Mile, the quintessential romantic song is my top favourite ( though its appearance was quite abrupt ). Never mind, I have been listening to it in the loop anyways. Jhumka was super cute and Dhindora Baje had awesome beats and energy.

If you are a Kjo fan, then the film would be a treat for you. If you love typical Bollywood fares, then the film promises loads of entertainment.If you are none of the above, challenge yourself to decipher the hidden messages wrapped up in all the colourful loudness.Not everything meaningful has to be perfect or sobre.

One thought on “Rocky Rani kii Prem Kahaani Review :“Entertaining,Unabashed, Emotional and says a lot! “

  1. Interesting review. A bit confusing for a change. usually, the message from your reviews is loud and clear, but not so this time. Ranveer fantastic, emotions & subtle messaging awesome. but seems it stops there. I’m presuming technically good as it’s KJ. Ha, now to the chemistry part, I’m sure Alia is the culprit for the lack of chemistry. Even in Bhramastra, she could’t reciprocate even with her beau Ranbir. She’s good with the likes of a Varun Dhawan in Romcoms. Brilliant actress otherwise. Romantic passion may not be her forte ??? I’m presuming OTT par theek hai! Hall bypass.

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