Class Review : Yay, if you haven’t watched Elite, maybe nay, if you have watched.

Class ( Netflix Series) 

Based On – Elite (Spanish Teen Drama) 

Director -Ashim Ahluwalia 

Writers – Kersi Khambatta, Kashyap Kapoor and Rajesh Devraj

Cast -Gurfateh Pirzada, Anjali Sivaraman, Ayesha Kanga, Chayan Chopra, Chintan Rach, Cyaawal Singh 

I wasn’t a super fan of the original ( Elite) but Class can be commended for focusing on the dynamics between the classmates in the school and fleshing out a compelling thriller amongst the glam sham, the extreme excesses, the spoilt kids, and the class differences in society.   

   The class succeeds when it sticks to the source material, but when it tries to do something on its own, it stumbles.  This is because the show tries to add the other elements along with the elements in the source material making it bloated narrative-wise.  The problem is not discussing the above topics, but cohesively interweaving them with the narrative,  which is exactly where the writing stumbles. The n number of elements to be discussed makes the messaging done for the sake of it, although the effort here is extremely sincere. 

    I don’t want to dissect too much about the performances of debut actors, but when I look at their performances, it feels so caricaturish and unnatural.

Of course, I am not comparing them to the original actors, but on their own, they add very little to the bloated teleplay of the tv show. If you haven’t watched  Elite, you should like this, as it is a decent whodunit interwoven with loads of teen drama. 

  You will also find the non-linear screenplay interesting too, although it’s done marginally better in  the original. 

What stands out from the original is the soundtrack which slaps and is loaded with certified bangers that enhance the narrative and provide a respite from its bloatedness.

Overall, If you watched Elite, you may or may not like it, but if you didn’t watch it, you might like it.

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