This Thriller keeps you Tense and on Tenterhooks !

I Came By (2022/ Netflix/ Crime Thriller)

Director- Babak Anvari

Cast – George Mackay, Hugh Bonneville, Kelly Macdonald, Percelle Ascott, Varada Sethu

Toby is a rebellious graffiti artist, at odds with the system and society. 

He breaks into elite homes, does graffiti , as he puts it, “ to show them a middle finger” !

During one such adventure, he happens to discover a horrifying secret in the home of a much known and well connected man.

This discovery lands him in a mess that spirals off to terrifying levels.

I picked up this thriller for its suspense factor but I wasn’t prepared for the thrilling ride it turned out to be.

When the story opens, it initially spend a good amount of time introducing the characters, some of them not even apparently connected to each other at that point of time.

Considering its crisp duration,I was wondering as to when would the thrill/ suspense part take off.

But man, the graph suddenly takes a swerve. 

When the inciting incident happens, the narrative gets smart. By avoiding the revelation till quite sometime, they ensure that the suspense drives you nuts and the danger and uncertainty that creeps in keeps your nerves taut.

The film at many instances reminded me of “Barbarian” that released last year. Well that was a horror while this one is a thriller but certain portions here ensure the same degree of terror.

At a certain juncture,I had made my guess about the yet to be revealed suspense  (and let me say proudly that it did turn out true later on.) 

But now the relentless tension kept me on tenterhooks. As things go down the well, you keep crying alas !

And beyond a certain point, I had to fast forward the scenes, not because they were scary or boring but because my nerves couldn’t take the onslaught anymore. 

The film finally had a satisfactory resolution, though I would say, it should have come earlier.

It is a good watch for those who like taut thrillers.

I can’t be taking about any of its aspects as wow, but I must say I was mightily impressed with the suspense and terror that it unleashed!

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