Heartwarming story that strikes a chord !

Uunchai (2022 / Drama/ Cinema Release)

Director -Sooraj Barjatya

Cast- Amitabh Bachhan, Anupam Kher, Danny Denzongpa, Sarika,Neena Gupta,Boman Irani,Parineeti Chopra

Uunchai celebrates 75th anniversary of Rajshri Productions and happens to be their 60th film.

And to commemorate this ,Sooraj Barjatya delivers a film which makes a departure from his trademark ‘overtly sweet-family drama-pristine love’ laden stories.

Three septagenarians embark on a near impossible journey as a homage to their best friend and eventually rediscover themselves with a renewed understanding of life and relationships.

Well, the central premise is not pathbreaking. In the beginning, you might also feel an element of predictability and implausibility.But gradually, as the story proceeds, it begins to win you over. 

The characters might look unreal but their vibes, banters, tussles, emotions and encounters are very relatable. The travel, the places ,their experiences as they go on, touch you at many points. I found myself smiling, chuckling and quite often moist eyed too.

The film might be centred around friendship of four people but in course, through the life of its characters, it shares many pearls, that are and will always stay relevant, about life, love, ageing, generation gaps, relationships, freedom, space, and expectations. It reminds, reawakens and inspires and I am not talking about climbing the Mount Everest.

But yes, the film has its flaws too. It is far longer than required. There are portions that lag and sequences that could have been done without. It shines in parts but is inconsistent. During the lags, the ace cast shoulders it ably and they are the ones that make that film reach its uunchai but ironically the same can’t be said about each of their performances. Perhaps that is so because the veteran actors have all delivered such outstanding performances before and set their own bars so high.

Uunchai might not be a perfect film but it is a beautiful film with a relevant theme, strikes a chord and touches your heart in so many ways. 

I found it heartwarming, inspiring and heart tugging.

Score 3 on 5

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