A good one time watch with intrigue & surprise elements! 

Malignant ( Horror/ 2021/ Prime Video)

Director- James Wan

Cast -Anabelle Wallis, Maddie Hasson, George Young, Michael Briana White


Having lost her child in a miscarriage, having survived physical abuse , a woman now loses her husband in a ghastly mysterious murder.

But that is just the beginning of her trauma. She now begins to “see” ( almost in transmitted form) ghastly murders that happen elsewhere.

What is ailing her and what is her connection to those murders ? 

And to complicate matters further, police starts suspecting her too. 


Malignant starts on a rocking note with a delicious concoction of a terrific horror element and suspense.

As it proceeds, the intrigue and suspense supersede. But then, in between, there are those much required doses of horror tropes too. The jump scares,the hanging creatures, dark lonely house, dungeons, weird crackling noises et al. Those looking for the adrenaline rush wouldn’t be deprived.

Once your scares subside, what keeps you hooked is the story and suspense around it.The third act takes a sci-fi kind of twist which I wasn’t expecting. But I like the way it surprises you.

Do not try too hard to join the dots or look for logic. With some suspension of disbelief on my part, I think it turned out to be a good horror.


For the over all effect of its story , suspense, performances and the horror element, I think it’s a recommended watch for horror buffs.

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