An engrossing Religious Horror with tepid scares but engaging story! 

The Unholy ( Horror /2021/ Netflix)

This supernatural horror based on a book revolves around a place that experiences miracles, is declared a shrine but is inflicted by evil.

Director -Evan Spiliotopoulos

Based On – Shrine by James Herbert

Cast-Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Cricket Brown , Katie Aselton, William Sadler, Diogo Morgado


Somewhere, in 1845, a witch is executed by the church.

Hundreds of years later, the same place experiences miracles. A girl, who gains voice for the first time in life, claims that the Lady Mary has cured her and speaks through her.

A tainted journalist sniffing for a story stumbles upon this goldmine but has to make a choice between fame and the truth.


If you have a bent towards supernatural horror, you would agree that there’s something about religious horrors.

As often portrayed in these films, if you believe in the power of Good, the other end of the spectrum is bound to exist. This whole connect and tussle between the good and the evil is often the crux of this genre.

And the way they are able to connect the dots amongst faith, good and evil is the key for us to be able to relate to the film.

For me, this is where The Unholy wins over as a film despite a floundering third act.

More than the horror tropes, what I liked about the film was its story line and the intrigue it carries with it.

Though I feel the third act could have been handled better, I thoroughly enjoyed the watch.


I believe there are very few perfect horrors. Moreover there are many different elements which appeal to different horror enthusiasts. So I am sure this could appeal to many .

You would like the concept and story. 

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