This delightful satire offers subtle humour and insightful peep into a culture !

Halal Love (and sex) 

( 2015 /Comedy/ Drama/Lebanese/ Netflix)

Three intertwined stories ,set in Beirut, about couples trying to follow their desires while navigating around their faith and culture.

Director/ Writer- Assad Fouladkar

Cast – Darine Hamze, Rodrigue Sleiman, Zeinab Hind Khadra, Hussein Mokadem, Mirna Moukarzel, Ali Sammoury


A wife finds it challenging to meet her husband’s desires and decides to opt for a solution ‘permissible by their faith’.

Two “much in passion but forever bickering” newly weds end up getting divorced and now have to find ways ‘permissible by their faith’ to get back together.

A divorcee wants to get back together with her former love and now-married man and decides to use an option ‘permissible by their faith’.


As is clear from the plot lines, desires and faith are at the centrefold of this film.

It portrays how laws could complicate life for people who are deeply religious or mindful of their culture ,especially when it comes to matters of carnal desires.

The film is an extremely smart and balanced satire that has been able to handle the sensitive issue with a subtle humour and gentle sensibilities.

 What is admirable about the Assad Fouladkar’s storytelling is the way he highlights social and emotional issues with the blend of humour.

He handles the stories in lighter vein without compromising on the substance. And there are doses of drama too that strike an emotional chord without letting it be heavy.

The cast aptly fit and their performances adorn the drama beautifully.


A breezy watch with great sense of humour , this satire is recommended if you like niche cinema , international cinema and offbeat themes.

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