‘Believe Me: The abduction of Lisa McVey’ Review: A Riveting Crime Drama and An Emotional True Story!

Believe Me: The abduction of Lisa McVey (2018)( Netflix/ Drama)

This crime drama revolves around an incredibly brave and brilliant girl, her harrowing experience and an exceptional feat. 

Director- Jim Donovan

Writer- Christina Welsh

Cast – KatieDouglas, Rossif Sutherland, David James Elliott


Lisa (Katie) is a sincere hardworking 17 year old, belonging to a heartless uncaring family, facing abuse at home.

When she’s kidnapped, assaulted and detained by a serial killer, the quiet teenager shows exceptional presence of mind to tackle him and seek freedom. After an incredible escape from the harrowing experience, she’s disbelieved by her own family and the police till Sergeant Pinkerton (David James) steps in. 

With the help of her sharpness and brilliance, Pinkerton nails down the dreaded and wanted man who never left any evidences or any victims alive and was a faceless killer for the police so far.


I am not a fan of crime dramas but the fact that this was a true story and revolved around an exceptionably brave teenager drew me to it.

Not only it turned out a gripping and over whelming watch, I also discovered that it swept many major awards in its circuit including best film, best lead performance and best supporting actor.

The film takes off immediately and introduces us to the oppressive circumstances of Lucy’s life. Your heart goes out for the lonely helpless girl who is trying best to stay afloat. When she’s kidnapped, her experience and circumstances keep your heart racing, when she finally escapes, it shoots up your palpitations and the apathy she later faces clenches your heart.

When Pinkerton enters the scene, he’s like a ray of bright light. When she finally gets support, acknowledgement and love, that’s the most overwhelming part of the story. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself shedding tears of happiness. 

The story is gripping right from the word go and the way it gradually makes its emotional hold over you is so smooth, you don’t realise till you are completely under the spell.

At the end of the film, we are also shown the real Lisa McVey who later got to join the police department and help kids who are victims of crime and abuse.

I appreciate that the film visually portrays the abuse with sensitivity. The sheer grit, presence of mind and resilience that Lisa had was worth salute. 

Al the three lead actors are worth applaud. They made their characters real and relatable. Katie’s brilliant portrayal of quiet and subtle Lisa makes you want to reach out to her. 

The film is highly recommended for those who love crime dramas and true crime stories. This captivating and crisp true story is well made, well performed, emotionally gripping and inspirational.

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