Bell Bottom Review: Bell Bottom Brings Big Screen Back with a Fantastic Bang!

Bell Bottom (2021/ Thriller)

A spy thriller that revolves around a plane hijack and a covert operation by RAW agents that sets your adrenaline rushing!

Director – Ranjit Tewari

Writer – Aseem Arrora, Parveez Shaikh

Cast – Akshay Kumar, Lara Dutta, Vaani Kapoor, Adil Hussain , Dolly Ahluwalia, Huma Qureshi, Denzil Smith, Zain Khan Durrani 


After a continuous spate of plane hijacks and releasing terrorists as a part of negotiation, when another Indian plane gets hijacked, RAW brings in its “hijack specialist” agent (if I may call him so), code name ‘Bell Bottom’.

There are 210 lives at stake. The clock is ticking. Pakistan (read ISI) desperately wants India to negotiate. The government cannot risk lives.

But Bell Bottom doesn’t want India to bow down this time! 


The film is a perfect package for the cine lovers who love the big screen experience.

Its gripping, offers thrills, plenty of emotional quotient, a tinge of glamour, good dose of nail biting moments, a tadka of masala tropes, fantastic foot-tapping back ground score and good songs which thankfully aren’t too many. The director brings it all together in a superbly entertaining film.

The writing seems sharp enough to keep you thoroughly invested. We have seen so many spy thrillers by now that I think it’s difficult for the writers to bring in an angle that we haven’t seen before. As long as it engages and entertains, I think it’s good to go.

The dialogues were good and the the pace remained tight through out. I personally didn’t find any lag in any part of the film as pointed out by a couple of pre-reviews yesterday. 

The build up and Bell Bottom’s back story was important to bring in the emotional quotient. For me, the first and second half were good in equal measures. But of course the tempo keeps building up. So those you waiting for those edge of the seat moments, they obviously arrive towards the fag end.

Honestly, I wasn’t in a mood to knit-pick on the clap trap moments or larger than life (read unrealistic) parts. When you are out for a masala entertainer and big screen experience, that should be the mood.

Out of the two songs, I found one good and the other not so good as the singers voice was a big mismatch. But a great thumbs up to Tanishk Bagchi for that super duper “Dhoom Taara” background score. Loved it. 


Vaani looks bright and beautiful. She gives a touch of glamour and adds value with a subdued and nice performance even in a small role.

How many ever times we see Dolly Ahluwalia as the loud Punjabi mom, we end up loving her each time. She is superb as always and her angle brought in quite a many moist eyed moments.

Adil Hussain is curt, crisp and good as the RAW senior.

Lara Dutta with her fantastic makeover and fine performance adds a zing to the PM’s character.

A special word for Zain Khan Durrani as the main antagonist. He ’s impressive even in a small role. Watch out for his nuanced and perfect diction.

I noticed and liked so may other support cast in small roles and I think the casting team has done well.

Last but that definitely not the least, Akshay is the star of the film through and through.

Will not judge him by his acting prowess. It’s his charisma, his screen presence, his guts to carry any kind of film and the gamble he’s taken to release the film in theatres that deserves an applause.

The film is great watch as a whole-some masala entertainer. It’s pacy, thrilling and entertaining. Will give you moist eyes, racing heart beats and euphoric Argo moments too. 

I walked out of the theatre happy and tapping my foot on their great background score!

Score – 3.5 out of 5

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