State Of Siege: Temple Attack Review – Gripping thriller but much fictionalised version

State Of Siege: Temple Attack (2021/Zee5) (Action Thriller)

This action thriller, loosely based on 2002 Akshardham attack, focuses on the rescue mission by the NSG and provides a gripping watch with quite a many tense moments.

Director – Ken Ghosh

Writers – William Borthwick, Simon Fantauzzo

Cast – Akshay Khanna, Gautam Rode, Manjari Fadnnis, Samir Soni, Akshay Oberoi, Parvin Dabas, Vivek Ahoya, Mir Sawar, Abhimanyu Singh, Mridul Das, Mihir Ahuja, Abhilash Chaudhary, Dhanveer Singh, Pavleen Gujral, Harsh Singh, Rohan Verma, Chandan Roy


Major Hanut Singh (Akshay) is a dare devil NSG commando dealing with the trauma of a mission gone awry.

When Krishna Dham temple in Gujarat is attacked by terrorists, who lay siege to the temple, kill and wound many, hold scores of people hostage in demand for the release of a terrorist, Major Singh takes charge overcoming his past scars.


No matter how many terrorist attack and rescue based plots we see, there’s always a gripping edge to them. The tense moments and the victorious relief always proves worthy. If the film has references to a real operation, that adds allure. Perhaps that’s what drove the makers to promote the film as based on 2002 Akshardham attack where as their disclaimers say otherwise.

The film begins on a flashback note, with a rescue operation in Kupwara where in a dreaded terrorist is captured. It has your attention right away. The sequence was well captured.

When the attack on the temple begins, it had my heart beats racing. As the sequences move forward, I realise that they are well shot and absolutely gripping but they are quite different from the real attack. Alright, we saw that disclaimer, but then I don’t see the reasons for their promotion. 

The film is well casted and well performed. Akshay Khanna is great as the intense Major. I specially liked Vivek Dahiya as Capt Rohit. Gautam Rode brings in a lot of emotional quotient. Mir Sawar looks perfect as the dreaded Bilal. Akshay Oberoi was noticeable even in that wee bit role. A special mention for Mridul Das as terrorist Farooq. Manjari Fadnavis, Parveen Dabas add value with their small roles.

The only grouses I have are that either they shouldn’t have claimed it to be based on the real temple attack or kept the sequences closer to reality. Also the religious harmony sermons felt a little too obvious and over the top.

The film is a good action thriller with most boxes ticked. At 1.40 min, it keeps you roped in, offers ample tight moments to hold your breath and finally those triumphant ones to breathe easy, boasts of an interesting cast, good sequences and great rousing climax.

Wish it was closer to the real account but definitely worth the time.

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