Mindscape Review: Psychological Twister with a Wow Climax!

Mindscape (2013) (Pyschological Thriller)

A mind detective is hired to delve into the memories of a teenager to find reasons for her psychological problems.

Director – Jorge Dorado 

Writer – Guy Holmes, Martha Holmes

Cast – Taissa Farmiga, Mark Strong, Brian Cox, Noah Taylor


John (Mark) is a “Viewer”, someone with a psychic ability to enter people’s memories and help solve psychological problems or even criminal cases.

Anna (Taissa) is a rich teenager who is on hunger strike and allegedly having behavioural problems.

Her step father wants her away to a mental institution. Her mother says that she has an exceptional IQ and Anna claims that she’s not what she’s being portrayed as.

Consistent sessions with her lead Mark to some shocking revelations but his investigations lead him to many baffling contradictions. Is Anna a sociopath or a victim?


The film is extremely extremely engaging and keeps you hooked every minute of its duration. The concept of logging into memories does have shadows of other films but the story woven around it is what makes it intriguing. The mystery, the dilemma, the doubts, the contradictions make it a deliciously suspenseful psychological thriller. At some point of time you find yourself as baffled as John.

It proceeds in layers and keep you pendulating with your suspicions and sympathies.

The fantastic performances had a lot to do with the connect the story could make. 

Mark Strong and a fabulous Taissa Farmiga, together add shine to this drama.

The unexpected climax is like a cherry on top.

The film is highly recommended for the lovers of thrills genre. Its crisp duration, suspense and climax, along with great performances makes it completely worth it. 

The film was streaming on Netflix till a few days back. View it through alternate means or wait for it to start streaming but make sure to mark it on your list.

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