Forgotten Review: A Thriller that trumps you with its intense mystery, perpetual suspense and unpredictable twist!

Forgotten (2017)

This Korean psychological thriller revolves around a young man who is baffled by the unexplained, suspicious turn of events in his till-now-happy life!

Director/Writer – Jang Hang-jun

Cast – Kang Ha-neul, Kim Mu-yeol, Moon Seong-geun, Na Young-hee


Jin-seok, a quiet young man suffering from anxiety disorder, adores his elder brother Yoo-seok and his parents.

When they move to their new house, his life is about to change for the worse. 

There’s a room in the house that’s locked and he’s always anxious about. There are noises that he hears and no one else does. His elder brother is kidnapped, but thankfully reappears. But the worst is not over. It’s about to begin.

He is suspicious about some things harrowing. Is that has anxiety or his fate playing havoc? 


The story takes off immediately and has your rapt attention and curiosity. The cosy setting of their home, the tender equations amongst them, the bliss that you see is emotionally beautiful but you know that it’s not going to last for long. You are watching a thriller after all.

The atmospherics of some of the scenes make you doubt if the genre is just thriller or something more. 

It’s exciting , the delicious mix of suspense and a tinge of fear.

When the story proceeds, it gets more and more baffling. There are times that you feel triumphant about your guesses but the further suspense far outweighs the right guesses.There are edge of the seat moments before a startling baffling revelation. 

As is evident, the film boasts of skilled story writing combined with good direction that lends some great nail biting moments.Good performances and the emotional tug towards the end makes it a great blend and worth a watch!

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