Big Little Lies Review: This Emmy Winner Show has Glorious Cast, Suspenseful Gripping Story and Emotional Tug!

Big Little Lies (Series)

The story over two seasons is based in a small town, around some spirited women entangled in a web of relationships and a big secret!

Based on – Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty

Cast – Reese Witherspoon, Nicole Kidman, Shailene Woodley, Laura Dern, Zoe Kravitz, Meryl Streep, Alexander Skarsgard, Adam Scot, James Tupper, Ian Armitage, Darby Camp, Robin Weigert


The story opens to show an accidental death that has happened on the school premises on a Trivia Night. 

We yet do not who.

There are parents giving statements and opinions to police. In flashback, we see this small town with interesting motley of characters and an intricate play of friendships, hostilities, complicated marriages, earnest parenting, infidelity, assault, dark past and an impending death.

While the extremely suspenseful first season ends with the revelation of who died and how, the second season continues to show its aftermath, some more hidden secrets, some more relationship problems and ”coming to terms”. 

You will have to watch this one to know with what! 


No denying the fact that the most lucrative thing about this series is its fantastic cast. 

It must have been a challenge for the makers to do justice to all of them and they did it well.

It was a delight to see them all, Reese Witherspoon as the spirited, intrusive, over the top woman and very loyal friend; Nicole Kidman as the quiet, soft spoken enigmatic woman; Laura Dern as the  ambitious, bad ass, high profile honcho; Shailene Woodley as the introvert, quiet woman with a painful past.

What’s common amongst all is the fact that they are all extremely doting mothers fighting their own personal battles.

Just for comparisons, I personally found the second season not as overwhelming as the first but engaging no doubt. Meryl Streep is a pleasure to watch as always but in my opinion it wasn’t a wowing performance.

Most actors including the child actors and have done a great job and added to the show.

Apart from the fact that the performances are the high point of this series, what’s appreciable is the superb writing and great direction. No wonder the show swept the awards and accolades.

While weaving the story of their inter relationships and complex personal lives, there are fine nuances that we get to see across different kind of relations and equations. Even though I personally found the pace too leisurely at times, the behaviours, dialogues, under currents, unsaid things make it engrossing and emotionally engaging, even getting a bit overwhelming at times when you see the women struggling with some very real problems. When there are kids involved, it’s bound to tug a bit.

The way they have created the build up while retaining the suspense right till the end of the series is as appreciable as it is exasperating (because we itch to know what the hell happened and they keep serving us bits and pieces for us to go the Sherlock way and make our own guesses)

The show was worth it for the sheer pleasure of its cast and performances in an interesting setting.

2 thoughts on “Big Little Lies Review: This Emmy Winner Show has Glorious Cast, Suspenseful Gripping Story and Emotional Tug!

  1. Wow, what an ensemble cast. The beauty of your review is that you’ve created an interest, said so much & yet not revealed anything. Very smart writing. Not even a tiny weeny bit. The reader has no option but to see it for himself/herself. I believe the Emmy’s are very fair. Most that I’ve seen were really awesome. Surely this also must be.

    1. Ha ha ha . Thank you so much for the appreciation. Yes ,lot of efforts are made to avoid spoliers and pique the interest. Although the cast is enough to do that.

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