The Missing Stone

A mystery thriller that revolves around two couples and a missing woman.

Cast- Barun Sobti, Bidita Bag, Rashi Mal, Saqib Ayub, Vithhal Nagnath Kale, Pallavi Manda Ajay Patil

Director- Vishal Furia, Alok Naik

Writers- Ambar Hadap, Kalyani Pandit,Aniket Wakchaure


Dhwani (Bidita) and Sahir (Barun) arrive at a get-away resort and expect Dhwani’s sister Payal (Rashi) to turn up to celebrate Dhwani’s Birthday. But she doesn’t…

Dhwani is worried that something might be wrong. Sahir believes there’s nothing to worry considering Payal’s impulsiveness.

Payal’s boyfriend Ryan( Saqib) had been in the same resort earlier with Rashi but had left after a fight. Did Payal head to Goa after that?

The caretakers seem to be hiding something.


The series has a short and crisp duration of 5 episodes. With almost the same duration as a film, it’s a pretty engaging watch. What I liked most about the thriller is their location setting that adds to the darkness of the mystery and the atmospherics they have tried to create which almost gives a paranormal feel at times.

Even at times when we feel the mystery is not too intense and seem to be making easy guesses about the outcome, the writers try their best to keep our doubts fluctuating and somehow keep feeding bits of mystery to add to the intrigue.They manage to keep us hooked.

Barun Sobti looks great. I loved the mixed shades of his character and he plays it very well.

Bidita is great in her credible performance though I found her Hindi diction a little shaky.

The rest of the cast lends good support.

The series is a good watch for the lovers of mystery thriller genre and I guess a must watch for Barun Sobti fans.

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