Behind Her Eyes

This mind boggling psychological thriller revolves around a single mother entangled in an odd love triangle and twisted mind games between a couple.

Director – Erik Richter Strand

Based on – Behind Her Eyes by Sarah Pinborough

Cast – Simona Brown, Eve Hewson, Tom Bateman, Robert Aramayo


Single mother Louise (Brown) and her handsome boss Dr.David (Bateman) are smitten with each other as soon as they meet. Guilt of getting involved with a married man gets further complicated when David’s pretty and mysterious wife Adele (Hewson) befriends her.

Louise’s close friend warns her that this murky triangle where in the husband and wife are unaware that they are close to the same person is going to get her in deep trouble. But she’s so genuinely involved with both that she can’t help it.


Do not go by this simple love triangle kinda plot.

You would be amazed by the gradient this story takes. What begins as a case of infidelity then turns deeply mysterious when the mind games between David and Adele begin. Till about halfway, the story treats your mind like a pendulum oscillating between two characters and analysing who is  wronged and who is the perpetrator.

Hewson’s mind blowing performance as the layered, mysterious and often creepy Adele was the highest point of the show for me.

Bateman gives a befitting performance as the hassled and angsty David.

Between the two of them , they give you mindful of puzzling behaviours and dialogues that keep your heart hooked and mind churning.

Louise’s adorable relationship with her son was the most emotional part of the story. That child and his influence on her life was like bright sunshine amongst the dark clouds cast by this messed up couple.

By the time you think you are done siding your sympathies , you realise there’s more to the story. A hidden past, some murky secrets are not the only things peeping out from under the layers.

Terrorising dreams and a means to control them could become more terrorising sometimes.

This series of 6 episodes is more than superb and offers plethora of genres merged in one.

Romance, mystery ,suspense and more. Cant reveal more to avoid spoilers.

It’s definitely one of the best stuff that I have watched in psychological thriller genres. You would end up binge watching in one go. Not to be missed!

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