The Last Hour

This suspense thriller is absolutely refreshing with it’s off-beat storyline, setting and cast.

Based around a spate of murders haunting the serene towns of Sikkim, a  policeman and a Shaman try to chase the mysterious murderer through some otherworldly methods.

Director – Amit Kumar

Writers – Amit Kumar , Anupama Minz

Cast- Sanjay Kapoor, Karma Takapa, Shahana Goswami, Shaylee Krishen, Robin Tamang,Raima Sen, Mandakini Goswami, Tenzien Choden, Dewashish Lama, Lanuakum Ao


Arup (Sanjay) is trying to solve a spate of killings and chances to meet Dev (Karma) who has some special spiritual gift. As they proceed together to solve the murders, they realise that the murderer is not only sinister but a force to reckon with.

Meanwhile Arup’s daughter Pari (Shaylee) is fighting her own demons and dealing with the death of her mother Nima.

Through the puzzling labyrinths of the mind and spiritual world, Dev needs to find a way out to beat the evil man who is after something precious !


The most beautiful thing about the series that immediately hooked my heart was its beautiful scenic setting of the Northeast. Not only the locations, but most of cast is from northeast. With the earthy real locations, costumes and accents (at least most of the time ), the look and feel is authentic.

The next thing that I loved was their off beat storyline that offers suspense, mystery and that delicious touch of spiritual world and mysticism.

Those that love getting entangled in the time loop warps would have a lot to solve.

Had loved Amit Kumar’s debut film, Nawaz starrer ‘Monsoon Shootout’ years back and loved this one too. He sure has a knack and love for time loops.

Performances are a fair mix of good and average.

It was a pleasure to watch the fresh face of Karma Takapa with his understated performance, dialogue delivery and voice tone. His limited range of expressions added a more realistic touch.

Shahana Goswami  impresses with her finesse as an actress and uses her expressive eyes to the hilt for those nuanced expressions.

Sanjay Kapoor renders a perfect image to good hearted Arup though I feel there were instances where he under delivered.

Shaylee Krishen was the only piece of cast that I didn’t like. I don’t know if it was her style of delivery or her overtly synthetic beautified face was a hinderance.

The pace I must admit is langurous and at times you might feel the story meandering through similar curves. But personally, I didn’t mind it much because there were too many factors appeasing my interests.

The series has about 8 episodes of around 30 min each.

Considering that it delivers something fresh and offbeat, is engaging and suspenseful, offers beautiful scenics ,setting and a delicious flavour of mysticism, it is completely worth a watch.

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